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Rafael Ruiz

Rafael joined Nexxus in September 2020 as an investment analyst. Before joining the Nexxus Iberia team, Rafael worked in Alantra in the investment banking area and in the investment fund QMC, which invests in Small & Mid Cap companies listed in Iberia.

Rafael studied a bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance from Barton College and holds a master’s degree in Finance from Instituto de Empresa. In addition, he has completed his studies with the CFA Program exams.

Rafael is a tennis player, has competed on the ATP Tour and got a university sports scholarship in the United States of America. He was named the team’s MVP in his freshman year. Rafael considers himself an athletic person (he also practices paddle tennis and golf), a lover of animals and a person who loves travelling.

I joined the Nexxus team to be able to actively contribute to the growth of SMEs in Spain and Portugal. I believe that Private Equity is an exciting world where beyond returns, there is a human aspect of collaboration, commitment, and development. I believe that Private Equity is a fundamental lever for companies to access to financing and professionalization that it provides. I think Nexxus team has all the ingredients to help many companies take the next step.